Catching up from 2010

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Ok, so if you have been following my blog you will know that I have been terrible at keeping it up to date! So I apologise.

I had some really busy times at the back end of 2010, filled with lots of photo shoots and getting prints ready for Christmas.

With the preparations for my 2nd wedding to photograph in October and my photography course in full swing, it was an exciting time.

My first photograph is from a photo shoot with a group of friends for one of their Birthdays. It was such a fun shoot, and we even got some pictures of them all sat on the front of a tractor! I had such a laugh photographing them all and they made me feel so welcome – thanks girls!

My next shoot was a family portrait for Cathryn Lowery. The photograph I am going to share with you is of her youngest boy. It was taken at the end of the shoot in the Park at Broughton. He looks so happy! 🙂

It always makes me happy when people re-book me to take more photographs of their children or ask me for more prints. I have taken many photographs for Gemma Bosanko now and enjoy it every time! Her little girl Olivia is one of the cutest baby’s I have photographed, and even with some tears we manage to get some lovely photos. I have previously shared a photograph from their shoot but just before Christmas I took some family pics below…


Just before I photographed my second wedding I did two family photo shoots. One of these was for Christina Brown and below is a photograph of her Daughter. – I’m glad my photo shoots are fun and full of happy faces!

I also took photographs for Paula Benn of her two boys, they looks so adorable in my matching baskets!

Following this, it was off to the beach! The photograph below is of Kerry-Ann Oliver’s two boys. We just managed to get an hour’s fun before the sunlight disappeared. This was my last photo shoot I managed in the evenings before the dark nights set in for winter.

Having taken some photographs for Ashlee Armstrong last year I was pleased when she got back in touch after having her little girl for some more pictures. This is one of my favourites from the shoot we did at her house.

Haverigg Beach is always a popular location for my photographs, not only is it local but even though I have taken lots of pictures there, they are all unique.

Above is a photograph of Mary and Henry Robinson. We had such a fun time on the beach and we even ended it with an ice cream 🙂 ( in November)!

Another photo shoot which I really enjoyed was for Carly Fallows. I had previously taken photos for her before but her daughter Madelyn was a lot older this time. Check out this cute photo of her in the sand dunes.

Another popular location is Duddon Bridge near to Broughton. I was asked to photograph a large family portrait by Billie Hughes in November last year. I thought it was going to be difficult to get everybody looking and smiling all at the same time, but it wasn’t! They were such a lovely and kind family to photograph.

With everyone wanting photographs before Christmas, family portrait become  very popular. Here is a collection of photographs taken from the photo shoots I did in the run up to Christmas.

So, there we have it a brief (ish) summary of my latest photographs! I say brief but it’s my longest blog post yet!

I have just had some great news this morning while writing this – I got back my marks for my final photography module and therefore have a diploma in photography! Looking forward to my certificate arriving in the post! – Might put it up on my studio wall.

Hopefully my blog posts wont be as long as this, so if you have managed to get to the end of this and have read it all – thanks! haha. I’m hoping to do monthly updates on my work so that you can see my updates 🙂

Dont forget if you fancy a photo shoot or want to give a voucher as a present for someone, please get in touch :-




My abandoned blog….

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Well… it’s been far too long since I last blogged, so here it is! My first blog of 2011.

I am hoping that I will be able to do a blog at the end of each month, giving all you lovely people out there who follow me, an update on what Jenna Carpenter Photography has been doing and any future plans!

I ended my last blog when I was going on holiday last year, promising that I would keep you updated! Well, I got engaged!!  On a typical rainy day in Scotland, Byron proposed and I immediately accepted! This photograph below was taken a couple of days before….

Once we had returned from holiday I asked my friend and fellow photographer Erin Browne to take some professional photographs of Byron and I. It was fun being on the other end of the camera for a change, and I was so happy with the photographs she produced. Sadly my little dog Terri passed away a couple of weeks ago, so I will cherished these photographs for ever – thank you Erin. xx (p.s Don’t forget to check out Erin’s other work on Facebook – EriinBrowne Photoart)

2010 ended with my 2nd ever wedding. In October Sandra & Andrew got married at The Chequers Hotel in Dalton-In-Furness. I’m going to blog this separately as there are some lovely photographs of their special day which I would like to share with you. (so don’t forget to pop back soon)!

The run up to Christmas produced some very busy times for me, lots of people wanted photographs for Christmas and Byron and I moved into our first house together which was very exciting! This meant that I could set up my own studio at home, which I used for the first time last weekend.

I’m going to finish with a photograph I took of Emily Carr’s beautiful daughter Maisie just before Christmas. This has to be one of my personal favourites that I took last year, she was an angel to photograph.

Don’t forget to pop back to view my blog of Sandra & Andrew’s wedding day, and also all my other photo shoots from the end of 2010 and the start of 2011. I have some very busy times ahead. If you would like to book a photo shoot or would like some more details please feel free to get in touch,

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A Year Later….

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And so a year has passed since I first set up Jenna Carpenter Photography… and what a brilliant year it has been. Thank you to all those people and families that I have photographed and supported my business, you have all been brilliant and I couldn’t have done it without you. I hope that my photographs will be looked back on with happy memories.

After the my first official wedding in August I had a quiet few weeks sorting through all the photographs I took from the day. Although it wasn’t long till I picked my camera back up and started snapping again.

Below are two of my favourite photographs I took for Julz Cullen of her beautiful daughter Jasmine to mark her 1st Birthday.

My next photo shoot was of Cody. It’s always fun doing a photo shoot with happy and smiling babies.

We even managed to get this cute photograph with the wooly hat on 🙂

After taking some photographs at Suzy & Mike’s wedding back in May this year. Emmajane asked me to take some photographs of her family while they were staying up in Cumbria. They were so lucky with the weather and we had a great sunny photo shoot on the beach.

We had such a great hour taking photos made easy by how relaxed, funny and kind they all were and I think their photographs show this 🙂

When Mikaila and Andrea asked me to photograph their 30th birthday party I knew it was going to be a great night. With crazy dancing, good friends, lots of bottles of WKD and not forgetting one BIG pile on it was a night to remember.

My most recent photo shoot was for Katie Fallows. After taking some photographs of her and her sisters earlier in the year when I returned to her house to show her the photos from the recent photo shoot I saw one of my photographs up on the wall in her living room, this had to be one of my proudest moments this year 🙂

So thank you all again, and if you are interested in organising a photo shoot for yourself, a group of friends or your family, feel free to get in touch for more information.

Lucy & Jim Bone… 7th August 2010

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~ Saturday 7th August 2010 ~

This was the day that Lucy & Jim had been waiting for… their wedding day. It was also my first official wedding and so an important day for all of us.

It was an honour and a privilege to photography such a lovely couple in the beautiful town of Hawkshead. As soon as I arrived to photograph Lucy and her Bridesmaids getting ready I felt welcomed by everyone.

Weddings are full of emotion, love and happiness and Lucy & Jim’s special day was not short of these by far. I managed to capture this photograph of Lucy and her Dad prior to arriving at the church which sums up such a happy and wonderful day it was.

In the lead up to the wedding the weather had been typical English summer conditions – rain! We were so lucky on the day, with not a speck of rain to be found, the sun even made an appearance for all the formal group photographs.

During the wedding day I like to take the Bride and Groom off for some private photographs away from all their guests. In this time I like to get some personal and intimate photographs which I hope they will cherish forever. When photographing Lucy & Jim together it wasn’t hard to produce images which gave a true reflection of  the love that they share.

I want to thank both Lucy & Jim for trusting and believing in me to take their wedding photographs and allowing me to share their special day. Also to the wonderful Bridesmaids and Groomsmen for all their help and kindness.

I know that you will be very happy together and I wish you all the very best for a truly happy marriage together. 🙂

It’s been a while…

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Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted an update, things have been very busy in the last month, but now I’m going to share it all with you.

My first photo is from a shoot with Natasha, Chris & Stanley. They received a gift voucher for my services when Stanley was christened. It was such a windy day, but the sun was shining, so it was a perfect time to catch a family portrait!

Another photo shoot which I enjoyed last month was a lovely summers evening down at the sand dunes at Haverigg. We managed to get the sun just as it was setting, which created some great portraits.

Also in June, came the wedding fair at the Waterhead Hotel in Coniston. Here is a group shot of all the lovely models that were showing off the dresses from Promise Bridal in Millom.

On the 3rd July 2010, Sue & Dave Gabbert renewed their wedding vows at Holy Trinty. I have chosen this photo below as I think it somes up the wonderful day. Both Sue & Dave are such lovely & happy people and this was shown in all the photographs I took. I want to thank them for making me so welcome in their home and for letting me follow their special day! xx

My next photograph is of Charlotte O’Brien. With all the lovely weather we have been having we decided to shoot down by the River Duddon. We got some amazing shots, and Charlotte was so easy to photograph! It was such a fun evening! I hope that some of the photographs we got give you the confidence to carry on being in front of the camera and hopefully get into modelling. 🙂

My latest shoot, only a few days ago was of Morgan & Mia also by the River Duddon. We got so many lovely photographs it was hard choosing which to show you. Both Morgan & Mia were great in front of the camera which didn’t make it hard for me getting some great photos. I love this cheeky one behind a big tree that we found! A trusty game of hide and seek went down well with Mia. 🙂

After a very busy month, it’s time for me to have a rest and enjoy a well earnt holiday!

I am going off to Scotland for 2 weeks, and as soon as I return it’s straight back into business with the wedding of Lucy & Jim. I really cant wait to photograph their wedding day, it should be a lovely day! I will make sure to keep you all updated!

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment to let me know you have visited! 🙂

Saturday 22nd May 2010

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… was the day Suzy Hodgkinson & Mike White got married. I had the pleasure of helping them capture their special day, and now I’m going to share it with you.

I met this wonderful couple when Gemma Bosanko asked me to do a pre-wedding photo shoot with them. The photos were to be kept a secret, with neither Suzy or Mike knowing why they were taken. As soon as I met them I could see their love, affection and commitment to each other, I knew this was going to be a great shoot!

After months of keeping the photos a secret, just two days before the wedding Suzy contacted me asking if I would like to take some photos at their wedding. I of course accepted without hesitation. (well, i did wonder what i was going to wear) but that was it and the excitement began.

Saturday arrived, with not a cloud in the sky. The day was perfect in every single way. All throughout the day and now when I look back at the photos the thing that stands out every time is how genuinely beautiful Suzy & Mike are. It’s not everyday that you feel that your customers and your friends, yet this is how they made me feel. I not only took photographs that day, but gained two friends. 🙂

I’m sure there are lots of people who contributed in lots of different ways in making Suzy & Mike’s day so special. Personally I would like to thank Gemma for contacting me to take the original photos of Suzy & Mike, but also for making the guestbook look so beautiful.

And finally to Mike & Suzy for allowing me the pleasure to photograph your day. I hope your photos will forever be a reminder of how extreamly beautiful your wedding day was.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs White! xxx

A weekend to remember…

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So here we are back to Monday. What a brilliant weekend full of taking photos! I am now spending my evenings sorting and editing the hundreds of photos I took. I will keep you updated and post up photos as I  go. Here’s a sneak preview from the photoshoot I did on Sunday! Thanks for reading, don’t forget to come back soon! 🙂 x